Personalised Wooden Letter Name Blocks Boy Nursery Animals Yello

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A gorgeous set of presonalized wooden name blocks that are made to order. The blocks come personalized free of charge they make a great gift or feature in your childs room. The blocks are 42mm or 1 3/4 Inch square. And came come with two picture blocks as shown or just your child's name only.

The wooden blocks are sealed with a non toxic sealer to make them durable but please note these are mainly for decorative purposes and will not withstand heavy play use.

Please note that as this item is made to order please allow up to 12 business days from date of payment for your item to be sent.


The blocks are sold in the qty of letters required in your childs name,

FREE POSTAGE within Australia, International orders welcome and charged at postage rates

Want something different?? Colours?? Patterns?? Please send me a convo always happy to custom design

Made and Designed by Retro Ragamuffins
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